The Opponents

1. Observing the experiments of the first opponents,it is said that the SDD Flywheel is actually a propeller, and it exactly functions like propeller which causes the rotation of the body of the FTG.

Answer: This “propeller” does not have blades.

Later, to avoid such doubt, the SDD Flywheel was covered with light foamy material giving the “usual” flywheel’s discs shape.


2. Some opponents from IENA 2007 said that the FTG actually generates one torque, only hinting the Rr torque and the others two are its projections.

Answer: One or three (or four or more) the important is that in fact all we agree on is that the torques are not two (equal and opposite) according the Newtonian Third Law prediction.


3. Observing the test from Fig 12 B some scientists from GAMM 2008 said that the reason of the Angular Momentum change is that:

A/ The twisted line the system is hung.

Answer: But before the start we found the system in relative peace.

B/ A friction inside the system.

Answer: There is no such kind of friction able to generate self rotation or if yes, it should mean that I have invented a new kind of friction.

C/ A friction between the flywheel and the air.  

Answer: To avoid this doubt I offered to cover the FTG with a transparent plastic bag. This way being already a part of the system, any air flow will remain inside the bag. Any vibration of the wall of the bag can indicate a flow. We did not observe any changes of the FTG's behavior.


4. Some scientists from TESD 2008 said that the observed efficiency is obviously too low and therefore the device would not be applicable.

Answer: We can’t expect a high effective reaction less the torque is comparable with the Newtonian ones.


5. Sounding like an attractive anecdote conclusion, came from the European Patent Office. In their “Written Opinion” is written that my PCT Patent grant is refused because the invention describes Perpetuum Mobile more of second kind and as it is against the well established First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics (it should mean that they have assumed that the efficiency is more then 100%).

Answer: This opinion is result of haughtily incompetent and irresponsible reading of the description and the claims. But anyhow, since the demonstration devices really work, the news is that the Perpetuum Mobile should be already invented!!!


At the New Time 2008 Innovation Saloon in Sevastopol Ukraine the invention was awarded with Golden Medal, Cup and two more prizes.


The conclusion of the author:

The chaotic resistance of the opponents leads to the conclusion that they are not prepared to meet the challenge. The problem is already much more psychological then technological.

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