Why Rotation?

Why reactionless rotation is chosen to be tested first?



Classical Mechanics state that there are two kinds of main motions only: linear and rotational, and the fundamental laws of dynamics are applicable on them in parallel:

Additional to the Classical Mechanics, delivers parallel laws concerning conservation of Momentum and Angular Momentum of a closed system.

It appears that Reaction less Motion, if exists at all, can be proved in two shapes:

a/ like Reaction less Linear Motion initiated by a Reaction less Force (Trust) (see the column on the left) is generated by a hypothetical device we call here a “Free Force Generator” (FFG)

b/ like Reaction less Rotation initiated by Reaction less Torque (see the column on the right) is generated by a hypothetical device we call here a “Free Torque Generator” (FTG)

Therefore if successful, that proves that it should be enough to be considered by objective observers as a breakthrough.


On the other hand we have the specific of the suggested Forces Generative Method:

First: The Forces Generative Method allows the Reactionless Torque generation much easier then a Reactionless Force generation. The generated Reactionless Torque is much bigger then the generated Reactionless Force

Second: For that reason unlike FFG, FTG the demo device can be made by usual materials and components, demonstrating this way the features of the “pure” (without help of high tech materials) method

Third: Since the nature of the pendulum test demonstration of the Reactionless Torque is of a rotation of the suspended device the own weight of the device is not critically important and that is how the “Big Load” pendulum test is possible. (Unlike this, such kind of testing of Reactionless Force is absolutely not possible)

Fourth: Because a short line of 1-2 meters long can be used and therefore a Reactionless Torque can be easily demonstrated in room conditions everywhere around the world.

Fifth: A Reactionless Torque possibly has larger applications, for example in airspace applications replacing Control Moment Gyros (CMG) and Reaction Wheels used for attitude control or in marine like bow and stern thrusters then Reactionless Force.

Sixth: If an impressive Reactionless Rotation of the suspended device with a speed of 100 or more rev/min against the elastic torque of a already twisted line (string) or a impressive change of the Angular Momentum of a closed system is not enough to bring over the opponents to believe that a Reactionless Torque exists, so how can they be made to believe that Reactionless Force exists just by observing a small (just few milimeters) diversion from the vertical line.


Therefore the strategic plan is the next:

The first Reactionless breakthrough must be done by the Rotational Motion. It means that the package of four laws from the column on the right have to be violated.


The First Newtonian Law’s extension to rotation must be considered as a violation if the tested object (closed system) changes its state of rotation without an external torque (from an object out of the system) is applied.


The Second Newtonian Law must be considered as a violated because if the aforementioned motion is possible, it should mean that the left side of the equation T=dω/dt is equal to zero because an outside torque is not being applied, but at the same time the right part is different then zero because the closed system changes its speed of rotation.


The Third Newtonian Law violation can be discussed. Ta=0 if an outside toque is not applied, Tr=0 too as there is nobody to react. So Ta=Tr=0 and the law is formally in force but the problem is that the closed system wouldn’t chance its state of rotation.


The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum must be considered as a violation. in changes of the angular momentum the tested closed system is observed.

Since there is no a "second-class" natural Law violation of the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum should be considered like a Breakthrough Reaction - less Advanced Space Propulsion.


When or after that level is conquest

the next step to follow is the

Reactionless Force Generation

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