Bojidar Djordjev

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perpendicular Newtonian interactions.

Work Experience:

May 2005 to present - Working on Free Propulsion Technology.

2004 -First successful Free Torque Generation experiment.

1998 - Worked in the Engine Department for a few passenger ship companies all around the World.

1991 - Due to the political changes and the economic disaster the Post Graduate Student approach had to be abandoned and replaced with work in Malta and Czech Republic.

1990 - Elected by the extended counsel of the ICE Department of Technical University of Varna for independent (not planned) Post Graduate Student based on the BG Patent "Charging systemfor diesel engines without moving parts". According the rules from this time the voting, it was acknowledgment that 70% of the needed volume for doctorate is already done.

1989 - The above mentioned BG Patent: is grant.

1986 - Research Associate at the same Institute for Diesel Engines Development, VAMO diesel engine plant, Varna, Bulgaria.

1984 - Trial Engineer in the same Institute.


1984 - Master ICE Department of the Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria.

1979-1983 - Mechanical Engineer, Specialty “Internal Combustion Engines” (ICE), Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria.

1977-1979 - Army service.

1973-1977 - High School of Electrical Engineering in Varna, Bulgaria Specialty “Automation of production”.

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