The Classical Mechanics represents Linear (Newtonian) interactions only. The Newtonian mechanics are Linear because vectors describing the behavior of the interacting bodies for example vectors of forces, accelerations, velocities in case of linear motion and torques angular accelerations and angular velocities in case of rotation are placed along one line.

On the other hand:
The World we live in is three dimensioned.

First Conclusion:
Probably it is too naive to believe that the 3D world contents (or it is created or connected) by 1D interactions only and there is nothing else..
The Classical Mechanics settles the 3D space with an unlimited number of arbitrarily orientated 1D interactions and this way very reasonably deducs the Law of Conversation of Momentum and the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum.


Gyroscope is the only mechanical device able to perform 3D behavior. If rotating about its axis (first axis) and of a rotation rigid body is turned around a perpendicular (second) axis a torque, about a third of the axis perpendicular to the first two will appear.

On the other hand:
The Gyroscope does not maintain uninterpretable 3D behavior
about a fixed axis.

If the turning around the second axis is continued, then the generated precession torque around the third axis decreases to zero. The precession torque can be recovered by continued turning in the same direction or backwards, but in both cases the generated precession torque is already generated backwards. This Gyro’s behavior is shown like prove of the Law of Conservation of the Angular Momentum.

Second Conclusion:
This Gyro’s behavior is shown to prove that in our 3D World the Linear concept is the only possible.


If one can somehow conserve the 3D Gyroscopic behavior about a fixed axis making it continuously, a 3D interaction will be established.
This way instead of three perpendiculars of a 1D interaction, the space will be already occupied by one 3D interaction. Therefore a 3D concept will be established – a picture quite different then the Newtonian 1D concept.
                                   The 3D concept delivers another way to create reaction less advanced
                                   space propulsion.

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